The World at His Fingertips – A Story About Louis Braille

CarolRhoda Books, 1997
Library Binding: 978-1575050522
Grade Level 5-8

The World at His Fingertips:
A Story About Louis Braille

Limited availability: paperback and library binding

A biography of the nineteenth-century Frenchman, accidentally blinded as a child, who created the dot system of reading and writing that is now used by the blind.

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A very informative story of the history of Louis Braille, the man who was given credit for creating a system for people who are blind to read. Braille actually improved and restructured a method that was already in place but he deserves all the credit he receives. The history of how people who were blind were treated in the 1800's is not very flattering. luckily change occurs during Louis' lifetime. A really good book for introducing the power of people with exceptionalities.