The Soldiers’ Voice – The Story of Ernie Pyle

CarolRhoda Books, 1996
Library Binding: 978-0-8761-4942-3
Grade Level 5-8

The Soldiers' Voice:
The Story of Ernie Pyle

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This biography offers a look at the newsman who brought the voices and lives of America’s soldiers to the home front during World War II

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School Library Journal
School Library JournalL. R. Little, Penticton Public Library, B.C., Canada
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Ernie Pyle, a U.S. syndicated columnist during World War II, portrayed for Americans how their soldiers lived, fought, and died. The 1944 Pulitzer Prize winner was noted for his casual, folksy way of telling stories. O'Connor has created a fine, well-written introduction to the man, complete with a selection of black-and-white photographs that elucidate the text. A worthwhile purchase.
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BooklistDenia Hester
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If there was ever anyone unlikely to end up as a celebrated war correspondent it was Ernie Pyle. Born in 1900 on an Indiana farm, Pyle grew up to be a slight man with a gentle nature but with a powerful yearning to see the world. His talent for writing soon won him the opportunity to travel. He did stints as an aviation columnist, roving reporter, and copy editor, but he is best remembered for his in-the-trenches coverage of World War II. The soldiers loved him, and he wrote sincerely about their experiences. Pyle died during the 77th Infantry Division's invasion of the Japanese island of Ie Shima. This honest narrative, which shares many of Pyle's thoughts and feelings, speaks frankly about his personal life, including his tumultuous marriage. Black-and-white photos show Pyle at work with the troops. It is easy to understand why his grave marker reads "the 77th Infantry Division lost a buddy." Bibliography of sources. Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved